Rollplast Delivers Windows to Bulgarian Base in Antarctica

At the end of last year, Bulgaria sent its 32nd Antarctic expedition to Livingston Island. The expedition is led by Professor Hristo Pimpirev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute.


One of the main tasks of the expedition is to build a new laboratory block at the Bulgarian base. For this purpose, Rollplast has delivered specialized windows that will meet the harsh conditions in Antarctica.


Rollplast windows are made of high-quality materials and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, wind, and snow. Special hardware with maximum protection and profiles with high UV protection coating tailored to the specifics of the area and quadruple glazing are used.



Glazing: Thickness: 65.6 mm

Triple low-e 3.3.2 (6 /14/ White (4) /14/ Low-e (4) /16/ Triple low-e 3.3.2 - Argon

Spacer: TPS

Heat transfer /Ug/: 0.42 W/m²K

The installation includes the use of a hydro-insulating tape on the outside and inside, which significantly improves the thermal insulation characteristics of the windows.

The installation of Rollplast windows will help improve the working and living conditions for Bulgarian scientists and staff in Antarctica. They will provide more light and visibility, as well as better protection from external conditions. The windows will be installed in the new laboratory block of the Bulgarian base. The block will be intended for research in the fields of biology, geology, and meteorology.

Rollplast is proud to be part of the 32nd Bulgarian Antarctic expedition.

“It is an honor for us to be a part of this important initiative,” said Mr. Nikolchev, CEO of Rollplast. “We believe that our windows will help improve the working and living conditions of Bulgarian scientists in Antarctica and contribute to the success of their research.”

Rollplast is the first Bulgarian company to deliver windows to the Bulgarian base in Antarctica and has exported products to all seven continents.