Wooden Windows: Classic, Cozy, and Durable!

Nothing looks better on a wall than an elegant wooden window with a beautiful view. The wooden window creates coziness and warmth, it is beautiful and pleasant to touch, it provides excellent insulation, it is environmentally friendly, and on top of it all, it is durable.


Today, property owners have a wide selection for every detail of their windows. Deciding which type is most suitable can often be difficult: every technology is praised by its manufacturer, and people often take examples from neighbors or friends. Wooden windows can be considered top-class among all, combining comfort with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Coziness and warmth

Real wood creates an incomparably pleasant feeling. Wood is a classic; it is "warm" and pleasant to touch, it creates coziness, it gives a sense of something genuine. It is not by chance that many alternative materials often imitate wood. While color can be imitated to a large extent, texture cannot.


Real wood provides better insulation than any other material. Compared to aluminum profiles, it is "hundreds of times better," experts unanimously agree. In combination with high-quality double glazing, the wooden window profile can achieve a heat transfer coefficient Uw ranging from 1.1W/m2K to an impressive 0.7W/m2K. Windows with a coefficient below 1W/m2K are generally considered to provide very good thermal insulation. "Passive houses" require a coefficient of 0.8W/m2K.

The width of the window profile plays a role in the strength of the thermal insulation effect. As a rule, the wider the profile, the higher the level of insulation it guarantees.

Rollplast offers two variations of wooden windows - with a width of 78mm and 92mm. They are made from four types of wood: spruce, meranti, oak, or ash:

Spruce - Uf=0.99W/m2K;

Oak - Uf=1.4W/m2K;

Meranti - Uf=1.1W/m2K;

Ash - Uf=1.4W/m2K.

These windows can accommodate double and triple glazing with standard widths (32mm and 40mm).

In addition to being a perfect thermal insulator, the wooden window also serves as an excellent sound barrier.


Wooden windows are easy to install and are long-lasting. With proper maintenance, their lifespan is practically unlimited.

Ecological Aspect

Wood is an environmentally friendly material. It is completely natural and, therefore, the only possible solution for homes built primarily with natural materials – a factor that is extremely important for the health of the occupants.

Wood is 100% environmentally compatible – it has no harmful footprint and no harmful emissions. Trees are inherently a renewable source. Wooden frames will not pollute the environment at the end of their life cycle; they will decompose naturally. Waste from the production of wooden windows is also environmentally friendly – it is biodegradable.

In addition, the wooden windows produced by Rollplast are treated only with environmentally friendly materials. The formulas for impregnating, staining, and varnishing the wooden profiles are entirely water-based.

Architectural Design

Aluminum frames are often seen as leaders in terms of exterior design due to the unlimited choice of colors. Wooden windows also easily meet all color requirements. Moreover, they allow for various specific window shapes, such as ovals, arches, and more.

So-called "windows with an aluminum cap" are made of wood, with the external side covered with aluminum panels. This brings two advantages – aluminum plays a protective role against weather conditions while being able to match any architectural design. From the inside, the windows retain their characteristic wooden appearance and inherent coziness and warmth.

Rollplast's wooden windows with an aluminum cap rely on the "Mira" system from the German manufacturer Gutmann. They provide air tightness, water resistance, wind load resistance, and lightness of the window.


Wooden windows can be painted with excellent results. Although they are most beautiful with their natural grain, they can also be painted in any desired color. This is not only easy but also beneficial because the paint protects the material and makes it even more durable.


Wooden windows require some care. It requires minimal effort but ensures the longevity and beauty of the wood.

Wooden windows should be regularly cleaned and lubricated with a maintenance "lotion," especially on the external side, to protect them from the effects of natural elements. This treatment is important to prevent color changes, drying out, and cracking.

Cleaning and lubrication should be performed twice a year, in spring and autumn. The maintenance products offered by Rollplast are water-based and entirely environmentally friendly. Applying them twice a year guarantees the good appearance and functioning of the wooden windows for at least 7 years.

The facades of buildings near the sea or ocean, where the air is traditionally humid and salty, are more vulnerable. In such regions, taking care of wooden windows is particularly important.


Considering their remarkable qualities, wooden windows are usually more expensive than other alternatives. However, their durability and qualities mean that the best value for money is achieved here. Owners who have installed wooden windows are categorical that the rich, stable, and traditional feel of real wood is irreplaceable and unquestionably justifies the higher price.

Objectively speaking, the price difference is not even significant. A wooden window, compared to a PVC window with the same parameters and a "wooden" appearance (achieved through foil), would cost about 12% more.

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