Garage doors


The garage is an integral part of the modern home. The garage door is the main entrance that leads to the driveway or street in front of your house. It should be wide enough for a car to enter the garage. The garage door can be opened manually or with a remote control. If you are considering purchasing a new garage door, you may not have decided what type of door you need. Everyone has different needs and preferences, so sometimes the choice can be difficult. All types of doors have their advantages and disadvantages, but today we will tell you more about garage doors that combine style and functionality, namely Roller Garage Doors and Sectional Garage Doors.

Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are a great choice for homeowners who are looking for a modern, stylish, and practical option. These doors roll up vertically when opened and gather into a small roll at the top. They are usually made of aluminum. Roller garage doors consist of a single curtain, unlike sectional doors, which consist of multiple panels. This type of door is not only for commercial buildings and warehouses but can also be used in the residential sector. When it comes to roller garage doors, there are several advantages over traditional garage doors. Let's look at some of these advantages for both commercial and residential use.

Easy to open and close

Roller garage doors have a mechanism for opening and closing that provides smooth operation, making them easy to open

Easy to use

These types of doors are specially manufactured and designed to be easily lifted and lowered for long years without the need for repairs or replacement.

Garage doors that are difficult to open will only cause you trouble and cost you more money in the long run. By choosing the right garage door, you ensure that you have a durable and long-lasting product.

Additional space

Roller garage doors are a great option for garages with limited space. Roller garage doors open vertically and free up additional space both in height and width.

Save overhead space

Since roller doors literally "roll up" into a tight space above your garage door opening, you won't have any marks and scrapes passing through the internal space of the roof. The rolling action of the door also creates several extra centimeters of overhead space. This is beneficial if you have a taller vehicle, such as a van, that you want to keep in your garage.

Save space in your driveway

Another advantage of the vertical opening of the roller garage door is that you can park very close to it. Even if the nose of your car is almost touching the door, you will still be able to open and close it. This makes roller garage doors very convenient if you have a second car or if the space in front of your garage is constantly occupied by other parked vehicles.


When it comes to roller garage doors, one of the biggest advantages is their durability. Most roller doors are incredibly sturdy and can withstand even the most extreme temperatures and atmospheric conditions. This durability is particularly useful in the commercial sector where the door is likely to undergo more wear and tear.


Insulation not only keeps the heat inside the garage but also reduces noise levels. If you decide to use your garage as a workshop, home theater, or game room, you will spend extended periods of time there, and it can get cold if the door seals are not of good quality. Roller garage doors ensure that this doesn't happen and always provide good thermal insulation. Our garage doors are known for their good noise and thermal insulation properties, as well as the quality materials they are made of. Roller garage doors have a sturdy thickness that prevents problems in all weather conditions.


Even if you use these doors in a warehouse, you still want them to have a good appearance. Roller garage doors offer an attractive, elegant appearance in addition to their durability. These doors are usually available in various styles and colors.

Design and Styles

Roller garage doors can provide many benefits. You have the opportunity to choose the desired color scheme and style that perfectly matches your home. We can advise you on different designs before making your final choice. We offer many colors - white, brown, gray, gold, oak, walnut, mahogany, and others.

Increased security

In addition to the security that comes with parking your car in the garage, automated doors are more difficult to break into than traditional garage doors, which can be a prime target for thieves. An additional safety benefit of having garage doors controlled by a remote is that if you need access to your garage late at night, you can do so without having to leave your car.


Safety and security are an integral part of any home. Roller garage doors ensure safety and remain in excellent condition for a long time. Roller garage doors are a great option for your home, whether you need brand new garage doors or replacing old ones.


Roller garage doors are one of the most cost-effective options on the market. Their exceptional durability and the multitude of benefits they provide make them a good long-term investment. Their affordable price, combined with the security they offer, makes roller garage doors the perfect solution for your garage.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for garage doors. Their durability, safety, and security are just some of the many advantages that justify their popularity. They are known as "sectional" doors because of their construction, consisting of individual sections that open vertically. This means that sectional garage doors can be installed on almost any shaped opening.

Sectional garage doors work in an easy but effective way. Each side of the garage door has wheels that fit into a vertical guiding rail, allowing it to slide up and down with the push of a button. A pair of high-tension torsion springs above the opening is attached to cables that operate the door and prevent it from suddenly dropping. In the open position, the door panels stand parallel to the ceiling. With the press of a button, the garage door should slowly descend to stand vertically in the closed position.

There are many people who dislike the traditional style of upward-opening garage doors and seek a unique design. Sectional garage doors offer the highest convenience and can be the best solution for garages.


Sectional garage doors are one of the most secure options for garage doors on the market. The enclosed structure and absence of penetration points make sectional garage doors one of the safest designs available. Their sturdy design makes them extremely difficult to break into, providing exceptional levels of security for both your garage and home. They are fully sealed, making them ideal for protection against intrusion and various weather conditions. This means they will keep your home well insulated, protect it from debris, and withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including snow, wind, and rain.

Ideal for Space Optimization

Sectional garage doors are also great for saving space due to the way they operate. Sectional garage doors open and close vertically, allowing the space around the opening to be utilized. This is ideal for shorter garages or driveways, allowing vehicles to park right up to the door. Unlike other garage doors that operate using hinges to swing and press the door open, the vertical movement of sectional garage doors means they will never extend beyond the door. This provides additional parking space and maneuverability for your car and allows unrestricted access, so you can even park a second car right next to the entrance without the need to move it when you need to enter your garage.


If your garage is used as an office, workshop, or fitness room, the sectional garage door is a fantastic choice for insulation. Sectional doors are designed to maintain a constant temperature inside the garage. They are also ideal for garages where valuable items are stored, as they prevent moisture.

Ease of Use

The variety of features available for a sectional garage door, such as lightweight materials, additional security measures, compact operation, and the option for automation, make this door extremely easy to use. The easy control of this door makes it ideal for elderly people and children who may not have the strength to open heavy garage doors.


Sectional garage doors are available in a wide range of styles and colors that can enhance the exterior design of your home. Aesthetics are essential, and these garage doors provide a classic external appearance, making them a good investment. Our sectional garage doors are offered in a variety of colors, including white, anthracite, golden oak, and walnut.

Our garage doors are functional, elegant, and guarantee security for maximum protection of your car, office, store, or establishment. Made of special thermal-insulated elements, they are available in different colors to perfectly match your living space. The variety of automated solutions complements the features of our roller garage doors and sectional garage doors.