5 ideas for cleaner air at home through natural ventilation.



Every room in your home or office needs a healthy atmosphere. Numerous studies associate quality sleep, good health, and high concentration with this factor. If you don't have a ventilation system, you likely rely primarily on natural ventilation. To maintain good indoor air quality, experts advise airing out the rooms 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes during winter and up to 25 minutes during summer months.

However, is it possible to assist this process? We offer you several ideas to improve the indoor microclimate right now without unnecessary effort.

Don't dry laundry indoors:

Often, living in small apartments without a terrace or ample space, we choose to dry our clothes in a room. Sometimes, even if we have a suitable terrace, we prefer to keep our clothes dry (e.g., during winter). This is a harmful habit that should be avoided if we want to live in a healthy environment. The seemingly harmless act of drying clothes in a room actually increases humidity, which is a primary cause of mold and other allergens. Our advice is to find an alternative solution to deal with this issue.

Prevent steam from bathing entering your home:

It has been observed that the humidity level in the air after bathing in the bathroom reaches 100%. In comparison, normal healthy indoor atmosphere levels are around 50%. Therefore, it's not a good idea to leave your bathroom door open, allowing the moisture to enter your home.

Always ventilate after a home workout:

Lately, more and more people are turning part of their living space into a home gym. We support this idea but want to remind you that breathing and sweating also contribute to increased humidity in the air. This is especially true during intense workouts. If you've decided to exercise at home, we recommend setting up your workout space near a window.

Ventilate rooms with houseplants and aquariums more frequently:

Houseplants and aquariums contribute to better air quality by naturally filtering pollutants and releasing oxygen. However, to optimize their air-cleansing capabilities, it's essential to ventilate the rooms they are in more frequently. This will help maintain a fresh and healthy environment.

Keep your home clean and clutter-free:

Regular cleaning and minimizing clutter in your living space can significantly improve indoor air quality. Dust and allergens tend to accumulate in carpets, curtains, and other surfaces, leading to poor air circulation. By keeping your home clean and decluttered, you reduce the presence of these particles and promote better airflow.

Remember, implementing these ideas can contribute to a healthier and more comfortable living environment with improved air quality.

The presence of flowers and an aquarium definitely brings positive energy to your home or office, but do we know the risks behind it? In fact, the discomfort here comes from the emissions constantly released by the pots and aquariums, which turn into moisture. Therefore, it is essential to ventilate the rooms where they are located frequently.


ActivPilot - a new concept for hardware, ventilation, and security


We all know that long-term management of moisture and maintaining good indoor air quality largely depends on the type of windows we use, whether we have insulation or not, but other solutions, such as hardware, also matter, which we often overlook. You might wonder what hardware has to do with ventilation? As it has become clear from everything mentioned so far, natural ventilation in rooms is mainly regulated through window ventilation. That's why the type of window you have installed, how it opens, and to what extent are all determined by the hardware.

That's why we use the latest generation hardware system called ActivPilot from Winkhaus in Rollplast windows, combining modern design and high functionality.

Imagine being able to ventilate a room without opening the window. It's possible! With a window equipped with ActivPilot Comfort hardware for parallel opening, you can literally lift the entire sash by 6mm above the frame. And the best part is that there is no compromise on your security, as the system is equipped with internationally certified burglary protection.

What more could you want from a window? Well, how about the hardware being invisible?

Rollplast offers windows with the fully concealed ActivPilot Select hardware, which can be opened both vertically and horizontally, compatible with standard as well as large and heavy windows weighing up to 150 kg.

In response to modern interior demands and for your style, we offer the ActivPilot Select concept for PVC, aluminum, and wooden windows with non-standard shapes, angled windows, arched windows, or triangular-shaped ones.